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Brake Pads, Rotors and Brake Repair

Is it time for brake service and replacement on your car?
brake pad and rotor
Are the brakes squeeling when you come to a stop? You might be on the "squealer" phase of the brake pad life. Good brake pads will include a squeler so that the driver of the vehicle can hear when the brake pad linings are low.

Is there a grinding noise or excess rust or discolored wheels? These symptoms are only a couple indicators that brake pad replacement is necessary. Go too long and you may end up needing rotors and eventually calipers. Brake repair is much cheaper if you replace before you are out of brake pad.

Why Automotive Intelligence for brake service? We staff highly trained mechanics and brake system inspection we can detrmine what needs to be replaced and generally give an overall picture of life expectancy. Brakes are a critial part of a vehicle so we make a habit checking pad lining free with any other maintenance. Brake pads can be replaced on most vehicles in under 2 hours of service time.

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