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Brake Pad and Rotor Replacement

"The difference between a good brake job and a GREAT brake job is obvious."

Making sure your cars brake system is working properly is one of the most important maintenance aspects of any vehicle. A properly working brake system will include a firm brake pedal that does not go to the floor, when applying the brakes there should be no noise, squeels, vibrations, shakes, shimmys or changes in the steering wheel. Additionally, any excessive heat that is felt coming from a wheel can indicate a brake caliper issue. Any one of these symptoms can be signs that you you may need to have the brakes checked.

Having the brakes serviced is easy, just submit a request for appointment here or call 610.719.8400

Our team of brake pros can take a look at your car and recommend any necessary repairs. The difference between a good brake job and GREAT brake job is obvious when you bring your vehicle to Automotive Intelligence. There are no shortcuts to safety. We default to the premium rotors and pads unless the customer has some specific brand requests. There are a ton of brands out there, we have the experience to get the top grade parts for years of reliability out of your brake system.

Reasonably priced..... Thats right, brake pad replacements are $129 every day! No coupons, no specials, Even pads and Rotors together are only $149.99



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