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Our extensive racing history coupled with over 20 years experience make us the obvious choice for any repair - ( Large or Small ) Below is a small sampling of the services we offer. If you don't see what you are looking for please contact us.

// Spark Plugs, Wires, Ignition Coils, Air Filters and engine tune-ups.
// Alternator and Charging system testing
// Starter and battery testing
// Fuel and Emissions systems diagnosis
// Check Engine Light scans and diagnosis
// Turbo / Supercharger application diagnosis and repair
// Drive Belts & Timing Belts
// Water Pumps, Radiators, Thermostats and cooling system performance
// Antifreeze / Coolant Leaks repaired
// Power Steering systems
// Auxiliary Emissions systems, EGR valves, air pumps, catalytic converters
// Full fabrication shop welding and cutting included
// Exhaust fabrication, muffler and pipe repair
// Exhaust Flex section replacements
// Engine mounts and torque strut mounts
// Expert ECM / TCM Engine computer diagnosis
// Hybrid car experienced

Chassis, Steering and Suspension

// Steering Racks and Steering Gear
// Inner and outer tie rods
// Power Steering pressure, coolers and return lines
// Steering column including airbag and clock spring repair
// Upper and Lower Control Arms
// Ball Joints
// Suspension bushings and bump stops
// Pitman, idler and drag link arm replacement and service
// Leaf Springs, Shocks and Struts
// Upper strut mounting bushings and bearings
// Sway Bar end links and bushings
// Suspension spring and coilover installation and adjustment
// 4 Wheel Laser Alignments
// Hubs and Wheel Bearings
// Wheel stud replacement and wheel lock removal
// Grease fitting service and lube
// CV boot and shaft service and replacement

Automotive Electrical Systems Experts

// Constantly dead batteries fixed here
// Electrical draws located and repaired
// Power window, sunroof door service and repair
// Power seat, mirrors, door locks, sensors and dash indicators
// Vehicle lighting, switches and relays
// Onboard computer systems
// Keyless Entry systems
// CAN BUS and OBDII port diagnosis
// Sensor and limit switch testing, alignment and calibration
// Solar charging systems and Hybrid vehicle diagnostics

Towing, Hauling and Lockout Service

// Local and long distance towing
// Hauling equipment, boats & toys
// Locked keys in cars / Disabled vehicle security systems
// Ignition switch replacement and service (on-site only)

ATV, PWC and Boat Services

Our technicians are also experienced in the following areas:

// Sport and Utility ATV repair and service - all areas
// PWC Engines, carbureted, fuel injected, turbo and supercharged power systems
// Inboard/Outboard 2 Stroke, GAS and Diesel Engines Serviced and repaired (on-site and off-site)
Transmissions, Differential and 4WD systems
// Transmission Flushes and filter service
// Transmission swaps and rebuilds
// Clutch replacement, flywheel resurfacing, release bearing service
// Fluid leaks and cooler service
// Aftermarket towing packages and transmission coolers installed
// 4x4 service
// Universal Joint Replacement
// Driveshaft balancing and replacement
// CV Joint Boot / Axle service
// Air and hydraulic differential locker service
// VTM-4 Differential Service
// Valve bodies, shift solenoid and transmission control unit diagnosis
// Driveshaft carrier bearing replacement
// PRNDL Switches and sensor diagnosis
// Manual transmission shifting problems

Body and Lighting

// Headlight, High Intensity Discharge (HID) and LED Replacement
// High Intensity Discharge retrofit kits
// Turnsignal, marker and brake light wiring and bulb replacement
// Brake light switch replacement
// Turnsignal and Headlight combination switch replacement
// Windshield wiper blade replacement
// Windshield wiper diagnosis and repair
// Sunroof leaks, drains and controls
// Car stereo repair, replacement speakers and amplifiers
// Aftermarket integrated accessories / radar laser detectors / integrated bluetooth
// Replacement window regulators / power window diagnosis and repair
// Replacement windshields
// Minor light body work, bumper repair and replacement
// Paint-less dent removal on-site available
// Kickpanel, running boards, moldings and mud flap installation
// Power seat and seat heater diagnosis
// Airbag systems diagnosis and repair

Wheels, Tires and Brakes

// OEM & Aftermarket wheel and tire packages
// Snow Tires / Summer Tires / All Season Tires / Race Tires
// Brake Pad replacement
// Brake Rotor / Drum Replacement and service
// Brake caliper rebuilding and replacement
// Brake Line replacement and fabrication on-site
// Brake master cylinder and booster replacement
// Hydraulic braking systems serviced
// Wheel cylinders and emergency braking systems
// Wheel refinishing and powder coating services
// Low profile tire mounting and balancing

Trailers and accessories

// Hitch Kits and trailer lighting
// Trailer wiring diagnosis
// Trailer braking and breakaway systems
// PA Trailer Inspections
// Welding and fabrication
// Replacement Dexter Axles
// Wheel bearing replacement and re-pack service
// Replacement of shackles, U bolts and Leaf springs
// Hydraulic Liftgate, dump bed and plow diagnosis & service
// Camper and Motorhome services
// Light Duty Trailer Rentals ( No loads over 5000lbs )
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