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Intoxalock Authorized Service Center
Installations, service, Lockout Service, recalibrations and removal of ignition Intoxalock ignition interlock systems.

Intoxalock Installations

// Starting at $175.00. Price depends on year make and model of vehicle.
// Priority Booking and Installations


// Recalibrations are $27.00 including all fees.
// Same day recalibrations available. Walk-ins welcome from 9am-4:30pm Please call CST to schedule a recalibration.

Removals and Lockout Service

// Locked out? Call us if your car is disabled first. We may be able to dispatch our mobile service.
// System removals starting at $80.00.

Convenient full service shop services available to all Intoxalock customers.

// Need a recalibration and an oil change? No Problem, let our team of expert technicians handle all your vehicle maintenance needs.

Schedule or call 610-719-8400 to book your consultation today! Let our technicians keep you and your vehicles on the road.

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