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Mercedes Benz E350 and similar models W204- creaking and popping roof over bumps and off-camber inclines.

Common in Mercedes Benz W204 from 2007-2015 are the woes and noises coming from the roof of the car over off-camber inclines, speed bumps, changes in the road and more. The large panoramic sky view roof has a lot to do with these noises. The cracking, creaking and popping noises heard over bumps doesn't necessarily install confidence in the vehicle for the driver or passengers. In short- the chassis is flexing under these conditions and is normally not audible but as these cars age we have determined that the roof and attachments need to be maintained. The roof maintenance on the E350 and similar models involves dropping the headliner inside the car and performing the service. Service cost is $375. We can assure you that there won't be anymore concerning or unpleasant noises coming from the back window area or roof.

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