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Wiring Harness service and repair

Many automotive wiring systems are a complex maze of delicate electronics in today's cars. Many repair shops are quick to dismiss wiring problems, sometimes out-sourcing the work, sometimes sending cars with problems back to the dealer. Automotive Intelligence has taken a special focus on current automotive wiring and the modules associated in modern automobiles. Some problems appear as simply a battery that is dead after the car sits for a couple days to much more complex problems with CAN-BUS systems. A U1000 code on in a newer car can spell disaster. ( U1000 - Controller Area Network (CAN) communication harness is open or shorted) With a complete understanding of todays automotive electrical systems, we are able to diagnose the most complex of problems.

Fear not, we are here to help and many time we can repair harnesses to save time and money. Harness repair, even after an accident, is a much more cost effective solution than replacing it. During the repair we can usually determine if there is any damage to the connected components and assess their functionality. The bottom line is: When the dealership can't figure it out, they send it to us for repair.

Q: How much is harness repair?
A: Estimating a wiring problem is the hardest estimate to write. Normally after the affected area is found and repaired the problems are resolved. We get a look at the car first and track down the basics. After the initial tests have been run we can usually estimate the repair within +/- $150.00

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